crochet:: double duty

What have I been doing lately?

Lots of the hooker therapy.

I’ve been staying unplugged from the digital world mostly and trying to enjoy the early fall weather spending time outside.  I’ve done things like hitting farmers markets and working in the garden.  The most glorious of all though, has been the hours I’ve sat in silence on the patio with hot tea and yarn.  Ahhhh, I needed that.  It clears the mind and feeds the soul to get genuine relaxation time.

I’ve been meaning to make these for awhile.  They work as both freezer pop sleeves to keep little hands from turning blue…

freezer pop sleeve

and do double duty as a panhandle for an iron skillet

pan handle

Wanna whip some up?

Here’s the scoop::

small amount of cotton yarn

F hook

1. ch 11

2. sc in second ch from hook, and in each ch, then put 3 sc in end

3. sc in each on opposite side of ch, and 3 sc in end again

4. make continuous rounds of sc until it measures desired length and finish off (approx 23 rounds)

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21 thoughts on “crochet:: double duty”

      1. This is so very awesome. I’ve always doubled up paper towel’s or got a wash cloth out for my grand babie’s and you’ve just made it not only easier for them to hold but they get so excited with anticipation of getting to choose which color they want (I’ve made some with glitter yarn) and I it was all because of you and sharing your awesome skill’s hard work and talent with so many of us. I’m on disability so I don’t get to purchase many pattern’s as I’d like to for the grand babys, so I cant thank you enough for your sharing such a great awesome & free pattern. My grand baby’s are so happy and it’s all because of you….a huge THANK YOU!!!

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