food:: a big THANK YOU…and how to jazz up canned corn…it’s a 2fer today.


THANK YOU to Dani at Teddy and Tottie

And another




Some very kind people think I’m OK, so that is really cool.  You should go visit some of my friends because they are awesome and I know you need some awesomeness in your life.  Because really, we ALL need as much awesomeness as we can get.  We deserve it.

Psssst…these are waaaay overdue thank yous so help me out here, please?

So you may have noticed I took a little bloggy-break.  I needed a recharge with all that stuffage that goes on in my day-to-day boring life.

 And just what have I been doing in my boring day-to-day life you ask?

Trying to jazz up canned corn for one thing.  Yep, not gonna happen.  Canned corn is merely that, canned corn.

canned corn

So, there’s that.  And more canned corn.  And more canned tomatoes.  And more gardening, and sweating, and dragging of garden hoses, and mundane BS.

canned corn 2

We’ve had a semi-successful gardening season this year.  Meh, ya win some and lose some.  No decent squash or peas, but lots of tomatoes and cucumbers.  And the damn birds ate nearly ALL of my blackberries and raspberries.  I mean geez, I grow enough to share with them but they were just plain greedy this year.  There will be more harvesting and canning and freezing in the coming weeks and I am even revisiting my canned mushrooms recipe from last year.

Oh, and I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that there would be a yarn giveaway soon.  Soon gets here tomorrow.

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