life:: cats don’t wear galoshes

Not that the statement really means anything.  Because it doesn’t.  I just can’t get the line out of my head.  It sounds like the title of a children’s book.  I have a very long list of those.  I don’t ever seem to get the actual writing of the books and I definitely can’t do the illustrations.  Unless I do stick figures.  I can rock stick figures.  Too bad there’s no market for stick figure drawings and non-existant books with fabulous titles.

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4 thoughts on “life:: cats don’t wear galoshes”

  1. That would be an awesome tittle for a children’s book! One of the other crocheters on FB would love to have the opportunity to write children’s books. The two of you ought to get together! There’s another who does awesome illustrations so the 3 of you could collaborate. Love hearing from you!


    1. OhEmGee, you are so right!!! I need to stop all the bonfires and boating and beverages and gardening and birthday parties and fun stuff so I can stare at my screen for several more hours a day after the spreadsheets make me loopy. But then my priorities have always been a tad askew. (I will admit though, that I am printing it out ~BOCFOK~ in ginormous letters and taping it to my fridge. I can trade eating time for BOCFOK time.) Thanks for giving me pause on the subject. 🙂


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