life:: crafty time capsule

treasure chest 1

I love to go junk shopping.  Thrift stores, garage sales, it doesn’t matter what it’s called if I see a sign…I will most likely stop just to wander around aimlessly.  It’s like your Mom letting you rummage through her jewelry box and try on every shiny bauble you fancy when you are 5 years old.

I feel like I hit the jackpot when I find crafty stuff and this was a great find recently.  At a church tag sale I picked this 60’s sewing kit up for a song.  It was on a table with other crafty type things and heavy and janglely and I wanted to be surprised so I didn’t open it until I got home.  Kind of like my very own Christmas-in-July-present-to-self.  Wanna take a peak inside with me?

treasure chest 2

Well yikes, that’s quite a tangley mess.

treasure chest 5

The vintage sewing patterns and books were pretty fun.  I think, no, I know I wore those shorts with the side ties in the 70’s…and a very similar dress in the early 80’s…lord help us all if this stuff makes a comeback.

treasure chest 6

After sorting through it all and tossing the junk…there were several salvageable bits and pieces.

treasure chest 3

Not that I need them, but I scored several hooks and knitting needles.  I think I will be making some more funky hooks soon.

In the very bottom in the back of the box I found this.

treasure chest 4

It brought back childhood memories of watching my Mom get ready for a big night out and breaking open the fancy little glass vials of expensive perfume.  She would get all dressed up and I would watch her in awe of the beautiful dresses and high heeled shoes and her good jewelry and I would always hope that one day I could feel like a princess getting ready for a date.  Remembering life through the eyes of a child makes actually being an adult really difficult sometimes.

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10 thoughts on “life:: crafty time capsule”

    1. My Mom and I call it treasure hunting. I guess it’s because we would both search for sunken treasure if we weren’t so deathly afraid of swimming so this is our substitute.


  1. Oh my gosh Lisa! What a find. I am the same way when I find a sewing basket. I try to wait until I get home to unearth all the fun things that are found in them. Those patterns are a “hoot”. Believe it or not I made several of those pairs of shorts too; except mine were the cuffed ones and they were made out of corduroy plus I made a matching short jacket to go with them. I was about 16 and in high school at the time. Thanks so much for bringing back sweet memories. Hugs,Tamara


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