crochet:: bits & pieces & staycation, oh my!

11 days of bliss.


I have not had this many days off in a row for 15 years, and I’m incredibly happy about this staycation.

There will be making and cooking and maybe a new crochet business venture!

I am working away on Frank’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamghan and although progress is slow, we are both ThRiLleD with how it is turning out.

dreamghan 1

I’m using 14-round grannies and the join-as-you-go method.

dreamghan 2

I’m going to give a plug here for Knit Picks wool ~ lovely colors and amazingly easy to work with.  This labor of love afghan is going to be my Favorite Of All Time.

In other news, I am still enjoying the Smash Booking thing. I need to share some of it soon.  I’ve  been saying that for awhile and yet not delivering, you say?  Duly noted, I shall take pics this week while I’m off work.

One of the things I’m using in my Smash Booking is washi tape.  I have a washi tape crafty crush cos the stuff is just so cute!  So, I have made a little container to keep my growing washi tape stash.

washi tape box

I’ve gotten several orders for dishcloths and caterpillar cocoons lately, so much of my making seems to be on those items lately.  The good news is that I have a couple more new ideas percolating in the far reaches of the crafty portion of my brain and will be testing those patterns during my staycation.

Ta for now!

Have a ridiculously amazing day.

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