food:: father’s day was awhile ago, right?

This post has been sitting in my drafts and I figured I might as well share it now.  I’m not really keen on waiting till next year…

father's day 1

I found fun and free printables completely by accident here at the Cottage Market.  Voila ~ instant inspiration.

My Dad is not the gift-wanting type.  For Father’s Day he has no desire to be showered with stuff.  BBQ some steaks and hang out with him for awhile…that’s the stuff he’s looking for.

I didn’t want to show up empty handed so I knew food would be the best gift for his BBQ in the back yard.

father's day 2

I’ve been seeing the fruit~cakes all over lately and had to give it a try.

I used watermelon, pineapple, kiwi and strawberries; lots of toothpicks and some cookie cutters to make it all up in about 20 minutes.  So easy, so healthy, so fun.

I’m repeating it for the 4th of July with a patriotic bunting.

Cake~bunting…who would have thought?

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4 thoughts on “food:: father’s day was awhile ago, right?”

  1. Hi Katherine!

    When I saw that little Dad bunting I thought it was adorable, but when you add it to the fruit cake it’s even more adorable. Your Dad is very lucky to have such a thoughtful Daughter. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Hugs, Tamara


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