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And that my friends is merely a SAMPLE of my social media.  I keep a spreadsheet to remember all my passwords.  There are 39 lines on my spreadsheet.  And that just ain’t right!

In the past 2 years, I have made a conscious effort to be more social to overcome my introversion.  How’s that working out for ya panic attack girl?

I have done it to get my name out there so that when I market a book, I will have well-placed outlets at my disposal.  How’s that book writing coming along?

 I tried to interact with others more, I just am not into it.  My book writing is at a snail’s pace.  I waste too much time with social media.  I even missed International YarnBombing Day this year!  That just ain’t right either!   Too many different apps and sites and forums and trolls.    The one I like the most is this little bloggity blog site we call WordPress home.  I interact with all kinds of lovely people from fantastic places and we humbly share the things in life that move us.

This week, after a little thought on the subject I read multiple blog posts by people that felt similarly.  Why am I working so hard and spending so much time trying to be something I’m not?  I’m just not that social, nor am I a marketing mogul.   I truly prefer the positive side of life, and yet I’m feeling like a friggin creeper at a train wreck.

 I am embarking on the journey to extricate myself from time-wasting social media.  Buh-bye Goodreads and Twitter and Bloglovin.  So long forums and message boards and Instagram…bring on some silent reflection, bring on more music, bring on the yarn.

I have not given up human interaction completely, just completely honed in on the social media that is worthy of my time and effort.  It was a spring cleaning of sorts that is making me feel much better.  So if I have connected with you on some of the platforms that I am no longer a part of, please know it’s not you, it’s me.

One blogger captured my thought so completely about being an artist at heart and how being overly social squashes that creativity.  And really, if I saw one more Instagrammed plate of salmon filets on a bed of arugula with tangerine-peppercorn-mango salsa I was going to hurl.

So my friends, you will continue to find me here at WordPress.  My family, you will still find me on Facebook occasionally.  And Lord knows,  I lurves me some Pinterest and Ravelry because I never have to talk on those.   Most of the others are already gone, and the rest are being phased out as we speak.  I am vowing from this day forward to not be seduced by social media, I will merely use it wisely and spend more of my time creating.

Art is life


life is art.

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4 thoughts on “life:: social media purge”

  1. In some respects, online interactions are easier for us introverts since we can take our time to think out a response and not be totally put on the spot. But I can understand how even an overload of virtual social interactions can squash the spirit. I have continued to resist Pinterest (despite heavy campaigning from friends) because I find it wholly overwhelming. Good for you to recognize the need to purge. I hope that means we’ll be seeing more fun, yarny things from you. 🙂 (P.S. I like your yarn baskets).


    1. Gosh, I sure hope it frees me up to be more creative, it was a total overload. I may have went a little too far 😉 Go big or go home, right? But you are spot on that it makes interaction easier. I’m glad I was able to connect with you on fb, now you know why 🙂 The baskets are the sorted yarn for Frank’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamghan. I hope to do an update post in the coming weeks, if I can get it to a presentable size; kinda slow going right now. Pinterest can be a rabbit hole of TOO MUCH STUFF or it can be an inspiration, but it does take lots of self control to not let it overwhelm a girl. I always try to look at it from a designers’ point of view to keep myself in check and not waste too much of my day.


  2. I definitely agree with how you feel here. That is probably why I haven’t posted anything on here in a long time. I do like WordPress the best, but I have a hard time keeping up with it while I am working during the school year. I also don’t work on crafts as much then.I am not very social either. I am definitely an artist and I have a hard time relating to or being liked by people, friends… Probably because I am too aloof most of the time. Its ok though, I’ve accepted myself and spend lots of time with my family ! I am glad you posted this, it made me smile.


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