photography:: very very new neighbors


This naughty girl has been living in my rose bushes.

With five (possibly 6) out-of-wedlock children and no baby-daddy in sight…Tsk.Tiiisk.

We’ve be wondering why the cats were so incredibly interested in those bushes.  Mystery solved.

skunk 2

Isn’t she so sweet looking over her shoulder to do a head count?  Mini-skunk roll call.  

I just hope this is an exodus to a new home and that the grass really is greener on the other side of my road.

skunk 3

She even helped them up the steepest part.


Then they lined back up and trundled  across the road.  To leave my yard. For good. At least that’s what I’m shooting for because who really wants to try to bathe 2 cats in tomato juice if they manage to get themselves sprayed?

skunk 4

So long little stinkers 😉

Have a ridiculously amazing day!

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10 thoughts on “photography:: very very new neighbors”

  1. They really are pretty cute but no, I wouldn’t want my cat to mixed up with them! I hope for your sake that they found a new home.


  2. Something about “so long little stinkers” got me in the funny bone, I;m going to have that line in my head all day, I can feel it. But I have to ask – why do you wash your cats in tomato juice? That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard!


    1. When I was a little girl my parents would call me a little stinker when I would do something naughty but cute and non-punishable, and the pun just seemed apt 🙂 I will assume you don’t have skunks there, and tomato juice followed by lots of shampoo can help remove the horrid smelling spray that skunks leave behind if your pet is unlucky enough to take a direct hit.


      1. According to wikipedia, we get striped polecats in Africa (sometimes called African skunks) but they are not really skunks, they are part of the weasel family. So, no, no skunks for us. We have meerkats. But they don’t spray smelly stuff, they are merely cute 🙂


  3. They make such a nice little parade! (as long as that’s a one-way parade, that is). When I was a kid, our dog got sprayed. The tomato juice bath didn’t work as well as one would have hoped because he licked it all off before it had a chance to soak in.


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