crochet:: the grannies they are a rockin’

cushion 3

Another WiP in the done pile.

No real pattern to share on this one because I winged it and they are just standard granny squares.  Since it has been so long ago that I last worked on a project like this, I found this post at Bunny Mummy to help with the 9 patch border if you are interested.  It was a great reminder to mind the gap 🙂

cushion 1

Oh yessss, I will be a rockin crazy cat lady…

cushion 2

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12 thoughts on “crochet:: the grannies they are a rockin’”

      1. Nah, that’s just my favorite color and this yarn is an incredibly close match. I have oodles of it in my stash, and it’s really just called “aqua”.


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