crochet:: very hungry caterpillar

Baby cocoons seem to be all the rage in the crochet and photography worlds as of late.

caterpillar 2

I jumped all over that bandwagon.

caterpillar 1

Can’t wait to see some little sweeties modeling this.

If you are interested, you can find the pattern here.  It’s a super easy pattern to follow and she’s got a nice site with lots of cute stuff to look at too.

I followed the pattern mostly.  Didn’t you just know I was going to add my  2 cents about now??  This is the part of the show where I make your life difficult if you use the pattern I link to, because I can’t help myself and I always change a couple of things.  So if you are new here, take notes.

This time I’ll go easy on ya and change only 3 little things, well maybe 4 or 5…

1.) I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn for the greens and the red, and some leftover bits for the details.

2.) I reversed the colors for the eyes to match the illustrations in the book.

3.) I added one more row to the ribbing (row 36).

4.) longer & wider antennae

5.) I satin-stitched a nose.

And then I gave it away.  And then I started to make another.

Love. This. Pattern.

I have been so fortunate to find awesome stuff lately!

Have a ridiculously amazing day 🙂

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10 thoughts on “crochet:: very hungry caterpillar”

  1. this little character is so very much loved recently by my grandkids…thanks for sharing this as my husband is a photographer and loves me to have these dealies on hand for the babies. Thank you for recording the beautiful things you make and then sharing them.


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