photography:: equine escapee

backyard party

This was the scene in my backyard.  PS~I don’t have horses.

jaeger 1

Jaeger, the blond, went rogue on my side of the fence.


The gawkers showed up.

backyard party2

Then the entanglement happened, and I got the joy of intervening.  Yeah about that, I’m not so good with the horseys.

I untangled the interloper and the gawker, and tried to lead the blond guy home.

Yeah about that, my legs are much shorter and he sort of led me to his house.

Crisis averted.

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10 thoughts on “photography:: equine escapee”

  1. wow for a non horsey person you did excellent!!!!! great work!!
    as a horsey person who has horses that like to take a walk now and then its great to have nice neighbors like you!!


  2. Love horses. I can just imagen how interesting your day was. Horses are pack animals too. I bet Blondie was hunting for friends and the other didn’t want Blondie to join the group.


    1. I know, I’m thinking pie… And you can tell Jaeger has a bit of a bad attitude sometimes. He was leery of me and pretty curious as we walked back, but HEADSTRONG that one is!!!!


  3. That is so funny! I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what to do! But aside from that, your view is beautiful, including the horses.


  4. WOW what a beautiful back yard you have and these wonderful horses. I wish I had this big of a yard. What a beautiful sit to see.


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