crochet:: dishcloth replacement time…

Since it was time to toss out the old and stitch up some new…

dish cloths

Loving the star stitch pattern available here.

potholder 1

I followed the stitch recipe, but added my own seasonings.  To change it from a potholder to a dishcloth, omit the 10th pattern repeat row and the loop for hanging.  (aka ~ 9 pattern repeat rows and a sc border, cotton yarn, G hook.)

Bam!  Dishcloth from a potholder.

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11 thoughts on “crochet:: dishcloth replacement time…”

    1. Glad you like them, but it sounds like you are ready for a new afghan for yourself. This stitch would make a wonderful stripey blanket. Zoinks! Now you’ve given me another project to add to my list! Maybe a CAL for a star-stitch afghan should be in the near future???


  1. Stunning Stitch – love it!! Am actually just about to make some cloths…hmmmm going to check out the pattern now. Thanks for entering the Made It xxxxxx


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