photography:: buzzzzzzzzzzzz

The neighbor has bee hives.

honey beee

She has been asked to tell the pollen-gatherers that they are grounded.  They aren’t listening.

Spring is here and they are everywhere!

(not that it’s a bad thing, but yikes bugs creep me out!)

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2 thoughts on “photography:: buzzzzzzzzzzzz”

  1. We have bees living in the two huge oak trees on either side of the entrance gate to the complex. They don’t seem to bother anyone. Sometimes, in the mornings, there are a few inert bees in the stairwell outside my front door. I call them sleepy bees. Apparently these are the ones who get lost or confused, and just kind of take a long nap. You wouldn’t want to stand on one, but I like to see them on the wall.


    1. I like everything about them…as long as they don’t land on me or fly near my face. These particular bees seem to be extremely friendly in both of those instances and it’s making relaxing on the deck a little difficult at the present.


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