crochet:: from zero to hero

foot stool

The foot stool/pouf/tuffet is Ta-Done!

And to think, I was going to scrap the project for lack of interest.

You can find a link to the base pattern I used through my pinterest board here

foot stool 2

When I am a little old crazy cat lady, I can sit in my wooden rocking chair with my feet propped and crochet all day and night.

foot stool 3

Now I am contemplating a matching seat cushion…

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17 thoughts on “crochet:: from zero to hero”

  1. Excellent work, and good on you for hanging in there. I’m not footbally but I love the colours anyway. It’s wonderful when the big jobs get finished, isn’t it? I’m speaking from memory here, haven’t finished a Big Job in Far Too Long.


    1. I’m not a foot stool kinda girl either, but I have this little problem of my feet dangling when I sit in the rocker. Frankie says my “knees are awfully close the ground” ~ his silly way of calling me a shortie. I never sit there because I can’t get comfy and then of course, it becomes the living room coat rack and blanket dump site. I’ve been so thrilled with the outcome that I immediately started another Big Job to match. I wish I could stick to the small jobs ~ don’t let the Big Ones suck you into their vortex 🙂


  2. wow, that look cool! About how long did it take you to make this? Are you willing to share the pattern? Great color’s too!


    1. Here’s the link directly to the pattern by Yarning:
      (if you can’t get that file to open she has a link on this post:

      I had to extend the number of rows to fit over my foam form. As for how long it took, I have no earthly idea because I messed with it for many months and it was ignored for long periods of time.


  3. LOVE this but would like to make a foot stool cover just like yours – the pattern seems to be just for a pillow – can you tell me what you did to convert the pattern to cover the foot-stool…Thanks so much! Nancy


    1. Hi Nancy,
      Since you’ve already seen the pattern, you know that it is just a rectangle full of chevrons. All you have to do to make it fit over a cylinder form is to make more rows. I measured from the top center to the bottom center to get my approximate length and spaced my color changes by guessing. I know there are more scientific ways to do it with math and gauge, but I’m not so much of a perfectionist sometimes 🙂 Consequently, my color changes are not 100% symmetrical, but I am still happy with them. I would love to see your finished product! Please feel free to share 🙂


      1. Hi – Thanks so much for your speedy reply! I just love the way it looks…..I think I am going to give it a shot but need to finish off on some small stash buster projects first and decide on a color to purchase for this – it really is gorgeous 🙂 Nancy


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