crochet:: getting my geek on with the hobbit & some tunisian

tunisian colorwork potholder 2

I finally got a chance to see The Hobbit this weekend, and yes I totally geeked out that they mentioned crochet in the movie 🙂

While I watched, I finished up testing this new potholder pattern in Tunisian Colorwork. Which I have decided is a ’thing’, and I think I totally made up that name. I am so ahead of the curve sometimes. So when you hear that Tunisian Colorwork is a ‘thing’ you know where you heard of it first. Right here. With me. Because I wish to be a crochet goddess and have my own book someday where I publish this lovely pattern that I created in Tunisian Colorwork.

tunisian colorwork potholder

What do ya think? Did I say Tunisian Colorwork enough times to make it a ‘thing’?

Doesn’t it look like fun?

Because it totally is.

tunisian colorwork potholder 4

I found color inspiration here, if you happen to like knowing those things.

And well the rest? That was inspired by the need to decide what stitch to use on my NEXT BIG THING afghan. Oh, and the need to have a small project to do more wool testing. Why am I so paranoid to start a 100% wool project??? Perhaps because blocking a king-sized afghan will be next to impossible…perhaps because I don’t want to spend 12 bajillion hours making it only to ruin it when I launder it for the first time?

tunisian colorwork potholder 3

With that said, I am soliciting any and all advice. If you have a tip for working with real wool, and how to care for the finished product…I implore you to share. Pretty please? Frank says he wants his new afghan before he gets sent off to the nursing home. Something about not having the energy to fight off all the little old crazy cat ladies that will inevitably want his blankie…

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9 thoughts on “crochet:: getting my geek on with the hobbit & some tunisian”

  1. Love the Tunisian Colorwork! Great colors. I checked out your inspiration and it is a beautiful combination. Just tell Frank that he needs to be patient. I doubt that he plans on going to the nursing home tomorrow.


  2. Really cute! I like the color combo although I probably wouldn’t have thought of it myself. I’ll get on board the Tunisian Colorwork bandwagon (so what do we call my Axl blanket? Tunisian Portraiture?). I don’t even want to think about blocking a king size afghan unless you’re doing it in small sections a la granny squares or somesuch.


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