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So yeah, I’ve been unable to blog for 10 days.  Geez, you’d think I could handle a little break.  Nope.  It’s been driving me nuts!  So so happy to return to the blogosphere.

Now, back to why we are really gathered here today.

I have been crafty crushing on card albums.

card album

Firstly, you need to save about 20 years worth of cards that your significant other has sent you.  No, not really, but that is the one I started with because the Frankster was way into giving me cards for lots of years.  I also have a stack from family and friends that I just can’t part with because of the sweet sentiments and the memories attached to them.  Now to remove them from their forgotten box in the back of the closet.

Secondly, you need to go to the craft store or your magical craft closet and find:

1.) cardboard (I used the back covers of a couple of old spiral notebooks)

2.) scrapbook paper

3.) scrapbooking stickers

4.) glue sticks

5.) scissors/or paper cutter

6.) album rings (The quest for these prompted the 3 hour tour of my local Hobby Lobby)

7.) hole punch (the 2- or 3- ring kind make short work of it if you have access to one)

8.) ruler

I supposed you could get waaaaaay more fancy, but this is just a tute for the basics.

I lined up each of my cards carefully and used a hole punch to get them ready, and then set them aside.

I cut out the cardboard for the front and back covers and used the hole punch on them as well.

Then comes the fun part.  I encased the covers with the scrapbook paper, and started embellishing with stickers.  Easy peasy.  To locate the holes in the cardboard I used the eraser end of  a pencil to indent the paper a little before using the punch again, btw.

After that it is merely a matter of assembly.

card album 2

I am sensing a color theme going on here…

card alblum 3

Now me and my sentimental heart can flip through the years at a moments notice just by picking up a card album from the bookshelf.

Coming soon::   Smash Books ~  I am loving squishing all kinds of junk in it.  Definitely showing you more in the near future.


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6 thoughts on “life:: crafty crushes”

  1. I now feel the urge to compose lyrics to the tune of the Gilligan’s Island theme song in order to commemorate your Hobby Lobby excursion.
    I like the card album idea. Much easier to enjoy them in a nice little book like that rather than stuffed in a box in the closet.
    And I’m glad you’re back after only ten days. I am a horrible, horrible slacker with no motivation. I think there’s tumbleweeds blowing through the ol’ 2 Frogs. Sadness.


    1. You get me ~ and that is incredibly cool 🙂 The tune floated in my head all through the store that day…oh how awesome it would be to be shipwrecked there for days! PS – grab your mojo by the ear and drag it back ~ I miss you!!!


    1. Someone has been hanging with her Alex too much lately with using the ‘dude’ and all? I promise I am hiding in my house ALL weekend with yarn and hooks and no boys so that I can bring you new yarny creations 🙂


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