crochet:: closet accessories

Getting sidetracked again as I always do when trying to finish a tough project, I found my closet in need of some accessories.

Both are super easy and quick, but more functional than beautiful.

hanger safe

This hanger safe is made out of a hdc rectangle of leftover rug yarn and reclaimed buttons,

while the lingerie hanger is a couple of rows of sc that I slip stitched to close.

lingerie hanger 2

lingerie hanger 1

Now the tank top on the floor of my closet every day won’t keep driving me nuts and I have a place to stash my millions.

Keep living the dream…

or at least make today ridiculously amazing 🙂

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madly, passionately in love with yarn

12 thoughts on “crochet:: closet accessories”

    1. Stash stuff where no one can find it…like small gifts till it’s time to give them, jewelry while you are on vacation, cash & credit cards so you don’t use them…drats! Now you know!!


      1. No dogs in the closet, but cats will nap there if I let them sneak in. True story. Nothing like coming home after a trip to the store or a day at work to a cat crying in the closet wanting out.


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