crochet:: the egg-timer is counting down

This is the final weekend to devote to making Easter gifts.

easter eggs

If you think your littles might enjoy an egg toss (friendly or not), these might be a good alternative to the hard boiled or raw variety being chucked at one’s head.  What, doesn’t that happen at all family egg hunts?

easter eggs 2

The pattern is from Petals to Picots here.  I got the skinny on these from Maryanne in a Woolhogs fb post.  If you haven’t met her yet, it’s worth a visit.  She has lovely ideas and brings together a nice tribe of hookers and other artists with her “Made It” Monthly Challenge.

easter eggs 3

Another great place for a cute egg pattern and Easter tree idea is over at Rainbow Junkie Corner.  Jane has some great stuff and awesome color choices.

Look at me all full of links today.  Can you blame me?  These are some talented girlies!

 While I’m at it, I’ll let you in on the next Easter project I’m trying to finish today.  Jill over at Nice Piece of Work introduced me to Janette and this fun pattern at The Green Dragonfly.   So, now I’m off to make one of her adorable bunnies.


Have a great weekend!

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6 thoughts on “crochet:: the egg-timer is counting down”

  1. Bwahaha! In my dream he was filming a movie about Daniel Boone and we were playing pranks on the other cast members (who just happened to be some bratty boys from back in the 8th grade). So if my dreams predict the future and he does that movie, you heard it here first. I can’t divulge the rest of the dream prompting the thank you tweet 😉


  2. Gah! This will teach me to never again get behind on my blog reader! Jeez, late to the party. But those eggs are so cute and I know my kids would love them. And throw them. And lose them. And then find them again around Halloween. lol


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