crochet:: bobbly raspberry potholder

As you know, I often lament about having too many WiPs going at once, and back here was one of those days.  So I thought I would do some updating this week on the FOs that made the cut.

raspberry potholder 2

This one is still a first try…not so sure I’m happy with the final shape…I may do a little re-writing of the pattern.  To me it looks like a raspberry pretending to be a strawberry, so the adjustment will be to widen the bottom portion.   I also think the top needs a little more pizzazz in the form of another longer spiral tendril.

And as soon as I find time to make a couple more to test the pattern I want to make one as a blackberry too.  I think the same pattern will work by just changing the color.

All the stuff I could get accomplished f I just didn’t have to go to work everyday…

raspberry potholder

Is it just me, or is pink THE WORST yarn color to try to photograph?  And red is a very close second?

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7 thoughts on “crochet:: bobbly raspberry potholder”

  1. i tried that same hello kitty and i cant understand how to make it.but my 4 grandaughters would flip over them and they would probly give me a hug and not want to quit hugging there anyway you can reword it and email it to me?i would really appreciate it.


    1. Hi Donna,
      Since it is a really long tutorial, could you let me know where it was that she lost you? When I made the kitty blocks, I had to refer often to her abbreviation key on the first page. I think she has a link on that page to her email address for questions if you want to ask her directly. I would still be happy to help you if you want to email me at and I can do my best to get you back on track.
      LV 🙂


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