crochet:: why, hello there kitty

Easter time for me means making something for my niece & nephew.  They get enough candy from The Bunny and their grandparents…I go for fun stuff that won’t rot their teeth.

I am hoping my favorite little fashionista will enjoy this.

hello kitty bag 2

I found the kitty & granny blocks here.  From there I pretty much winged it by making a sc oval  with hdc sides for the base and a shell top edging.  I sewed a lining out of an old pink sheet, with 4 large inner pockets. Then I added some sleeves around the handles to keep them stable before attaching the lining to the outer shell.  My sewing skills suck, but she’s only 3 so I can get away with it.  🙂

hello kitty bag

Now I only have 3 weeks to figure out something special to make for a 6 year old boy…suggestions or links to ideas are welcome!

What are you making for the littles in your life this Easter?

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