crochet:: a picture is worth a thousand words and/or 20 thousand stitches

I am such a geek, that one day many years ago I did the math to find that my average afghan took approximately 20,000 stitches to complete.

I present to you my most recent endeavor to count to 20K in 8-stitch increments.  Oy.

You will also notice I was not allowed to make the bed on my own, as usual.

we 1

we 6

we 3

we 4

we 2

Oh ~ and since I’m in the Northern Hemisphere, consider it a given that you will end up seeing more pictures of it in better light after this weekend.  I won’t be able to help myself.

If you are looking for the details, follow the link here to get to Sarah London’s pattern.

And if you are interested in my addition to the pattern, my super secret edging was simply the crab stitch in the spaces all the way around.  The crab stitch is also called reverse single crochet and can be found all over the web.  As my 70 year old Mom says when I ask her a question, “”GTS”  (google that $hit)

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17 thoughts on “crochet:: a picture is worth a thousand words and/or 20 thousand stitches”

  1. That’s interesting! I don’t think I’d ever consider counting stitches. Nice afghan though! I just completed my first king size cable knit throw in all cream and I love it. Just started a new blanket and looking forward to the finished project. How long did it take you to complete?


  2. Oh my gosh. That is the. Out gorgeous one I’ve ever seen. I love cats but the rug wins this time. I learned to crochet in grade 4 @ school, I’m a granny now, admittedly a young granny. This truly is the ,out beautiful crochet bedspread I’ve ever seen. I feel priviledged to have seen it.


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