life:: best quotes from february flu-fest 2013

(Regarding daytime tv programming)  I weep for America.

(Cali stole Lexi’s favorite sleeping spot)  Cali is a ginger-bully and needs to be stopped. I just can’t bring myself to move from this couch and do anything about it.  Also, I like saying ginger-bully.  It’s awkward and silly, just like me.

Looky here, I’ve lost 5 pounds in 24 hours.

I just want the outside world to f*ck off.

Hey, watch where you’re aiming that thing.

Kiss me, I feel seexxxay.

Gimme something to gargle with.

And that my friends is what it’s like to have the flu in tandem with your husband at my house.

Oh, and plenty of chicken soup.

chicken soup

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