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palette 1


OK, I’ve calmed down now…and yes, I did throw it all on the bed with the intention of rolling around in it like it was $100 dollar bills.  Then I got the visual on that and realized y’all cannot UNSEE that, so I decided to behave myself.  There were a few other silly ideas too…filling the bathtub with them and hopping in like they were massive bubbles, finding a way to photograph them as ‘yarn-in-a-landscape’, hanging each of them from the ceiling like it was universe of stars, raking them into a pile like leaves…

But then I returned to reality and decided I would rather start hooking with this beautiful wool instead of potentially screwing it up or getting it dirty (both figuratively and literally).

Cali seemed to be just as geeked-out as I was over a 20# box of wool.  She stuck with me through the whole process of opening the box and checking it all out.  Oh, and you wanted to know this I’m sure; I had to count that all 150 colors were really in there because let’s face it, I am totally OCD sometimes.  You know you are too (maybe not about yarn, but something). I just admit it. Publicly.

cali tiptoe 2

~Bowing to reverently sniff it’s wooly goodness and then merely tiptoeing through to check it all out~

cali tiptoe

The yarn had to sit for a couple of days feeling unloved, but I finally got a chance to swatch with it yesterday.  I am not usually a swatch maker, but this is new-to-me yarn.  Truthfully, I don’t know where to start.  Do I begin the labor-of-love afghan?  This is super skinny real wool.  I never use the good stuff.  I always save it for a rainy day.  I should probably do some research too.  I don’t want to mess this one up.

swatching 1

So, with that in mind I swatched out a little bit of the tan so that I can see how it performs/felts/pills/shrinks.  I’ll let you know my findings.  Because we all know that I don’t ever shut my mouth.

  On the subject of never shutting my mouth…clever segue there dontcha think?   It’s TMI time kiddos.

If you’re new around here, I had cancer a while back.  If you already knew that, thanks for sticking around because it’s not contagious.  Anyway, I had a very aggressive form of boob cancer and I was told it had a very high incidence of recurrence within the first 5 years.  Basically my doc said next, “but if it doesn’t come back within 5 years, you will most likely never get cancer again.”  I have really been stuck on those words because let’s face it, I am terrified of cancer.  No matter how hard I’ve tried to LET IT GO and MOVE ON, I’ve been anxiously awaiting my 5-year cancer-free birthday.  I obviously don’t shut up about it.  Some of my friends threw me a surprise birthday party (my first ever surprise party) at a winery this weekend and it was a wonderful affirmation that there is LIFE AFTER CANCER and I need to ENJOY IT!


Friends and family gathering together to celebrate cleavage.  It’s a beautiful thing.


I think now I can finally and officially wave buh-bye to the big C.  So long, farewell, leave me the hell alone carcinomas, don’t bother coming back to visit.


I have amazing friends.

The boobalicious girls and I thank you.


Moving on.

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11 thoughts on “crochet:: rainbows and swatches”

  1. jeez, that post was almost too much for me! – all that wool AND 5 cancer-free years…hang on, i need to get more coffee here.
    Am sorry not to see you in a yarn jacuzzi or something but, yeah, guess we all have to be mature sometimes. (Just now and then, not TOO often). Can’t wait to see what you come up with for all that wool.
    Birthday party – right, I clearly missed the notification. Sorry. I’m doing that a lot these days. Your friends must be amazing to have put together something like that, good for them and good for you 🙂 I’m sure you all had a blast. Love the boob cake. I’m so happy for you.
    And belated happy birthday. xxx


  2. You don’t know me from the man in the moon but I truly wish you heartfelt congratulations on your being able to move on and wave good-bye to the big C. I has to feel great. All that beautiful yarn has to feel great, too! I’m envious of that. Anxious to see what you do with it!


  3. 150 balls of yarn?! Just WOW! How big was the box it came in? All in ONE afghan?! Yarn Heaven really does exist. This is going to be AMAZING! Please post updates on this project!


  4. That looks like it was an awesome party and well-deserved! Congratulations! 🙂

    And the yarn! Oh my word, the yarn!!! Pleeeeze tell me that you have arranged it all in rainbow order, just to see. And then count it and pet it again. What to make, what to make… I guess some of it depends on the results of your swatch test (which is, btw, a noble pursuit in which I’ve never partaken).


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