life:: thank you, really i mean it. thank you.

I have being doing this blog thang for over 300 posts now, so stats are kind of interesting to me.

If you have a WordPress blog, you recently got your 2012 in review data.  If you don’t have a WordPress blog, rest assured they don’t tell us your address/names of your children/email passwords…they just compile lots and lots of other data.  Like what gives you nightmares/what time you leave for work every day/whether or not your dog likes steak/your ATM codes, etc.

So anyway, I finally got a chance to read the info they sent and I had one of those mind-expanding moments that leaves a lump in your throat and makes your heart skip a beat.  There are 196 countries on this planet.  Yes, the planet.  Stay with me here. This is the only planet we are aware of that has human life.  I have ever-so-briefly touched the lives of at least 1 person in 149 of those 196 countries.  Holy buckets.  That means I have been inside the minds of someone from 3/4 of our PLANET.

The enormity of that’s f-ing amazing to me.

My husband once told me that he wanted to touch 100 peoples’ lives before he died, that it would give his life meaning.  I never really gave it much thought at the time considering the interwebs had only newly been created at that time…and now I am closing in on 100,000.

So thank you.  Thank you for visiting and commenting and inspiring and befriending me.

You guys are all awesome.




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