crochet:: sky scarf in the ‘done’ column

2012 was the year of the sky for me.

We won’t talk about it being the year of the tomato also…I’ve had enough of that crap…still oooodles and oooodles of canned stuff in my cupboards.  I’m so glad it will be months before gardening season.  I need the break.

Back to the year of the sky, it’s much prettier.

sky scarf 12-1

I must confess, I love it.  What a great project.  Cheers to Lea Redmond, the creator of the concept at Leaf Cutter Designs!

If you’d like some conceptual stitching ideas, check out their flickr pool here.

It got me thinking of new ways to design, and I might even try another conceptual project again this year.

If you want to know my 2012 sky scarf pattern, jump here.

sky scarf 12-2

2012 sky scarf finishing::

Sew or stitch the short ends together either straight away, or with a full twist for a smoother wearable double-looping infinity scarf. (personal preference there, either way is ‘right’)

Attach white yarn to the long side and evenly sc around the whole thing.  Attach darker blue/grey yarn, right side facing still, and linen stitch the row – sc, ch, sc, ch, sc, ch skipping a sc on the base row with each ch.  Attach white yarn again and repeat the linen stitch putting the sc in the ch spaces.  Repeat on the opposite long side. Sew in the ends and enjoy!

I think I am going to embroider the year in an inconspicuous place to finish it off.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS~the new year has just started, so it’s not too late to start a 2013 sky scarf of your own.  Just as long as you remember what it looked like outside the past 2 days.  I won’t tell if you just guess at it 😉

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