crochet:: 2012 sky scarf project

Well, if you ever wanted to know how the sky looks in western Iowa, consider yourself informed.

sky scarf 12

Last year at this time, I was merely contemplating a conceptual project.

I didn’t really know if I would stick it out.  I had that nagging feeling of, ‘oh sure I’ll start out strong and hate it/get bored/blow it off’…and yet….

Today, the last row was added.

Now to turn it into a wearable.


Happy New Year, and I hope 2013 is ridiculously amazing for you!

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madly, passionately in love with yarn

9 thoughts on “crochet:: 2012 sky scarf project”

    1. Hahahaha! I had one of my munchkin nieces over and every oddball pillow and old stuffed toy managed to get dragged into the living room. I guess I should have cropped out the mess! The rest of the room was even worse 🙂


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