crochet:: christmas pasties pattern

Since you have been just dying to make pasties for your friends, sisters, mothers, cousins, uncles…who am I to judge.

If you had forgotten just what they looked like in my last post


You can find the pattern here in my Ravelry store

As for the stuff used to stick said pasties onto the human body, I have NOT A CLUE what is used.  Hence, some of the jokes at Christmas for my family had to do with double-faced tape, various kinds of glue and then the conversation decayed to food stuffs that might be suitable…it was hilarious to say the least, especially since we were having a little wine by then.

Happy hooking!

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5 thoughts on “crochet:: christmas pasties pattern”

  1. You can either use the adhesive meant for applying false eyelashes or ‘fashion tape’ (doubl sided boob tape, meant for keepin plunging necklines from showing too much)
    I’m sure regular double sides tape would work in a pinch, but it wont be fun to remove


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