crochet:: the week in afghans…day 4

I have realized that my hooky work is a little out of hand.  I have over 30 years of afghans in my linen closet.  This one is a blast from the 80’s past.  Peachy makeup, and Gunny Sax ruffles for inspiration were behind this one.

Just Peachy Granny Stripe Afghan

granny stripe 1

I tried to start it off with the linen stitch (which is one of my all time favorites), but alas that was taking FOREVER to make a king size afghan.  So it ended up with a tailored band at the top and moved on to granny stripes to speed up the process.

granny stripe 2

Frankie could tolerate the color, until I had to go and add the ruffle.  Marines and ruffles don’t mix so much.  This one tends to hide in the linen closet until that one week a year he goes home to Ohio to visit his family.   Go figure.

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