crochet:: the week in afghans…day 2

I made this afghan at the request of my child.  We called him The Camouflage Kid for years.  Everything he wore, everything in his room, everything he wanted was camo.  His daddy was a Marine, his uncle was in the Navy, and he wanted to be just like them.  He dressed as a Marine for 3 Halloweens in a row, authentic jungle face paint and all.  Geez, he must be as OCD as his mom…I guess we won’t talk about the fact that we watched Toy Story everyday for TWO years.  Yes, every single day.  He liked the Combat Carls.  Imagine that.

Camo Cross Stitch Afghan

camo cross stitch

The pattern stitch is to skip 2 st, dc, then another dc by crossing back into the closest skipped stitch, ch 1.  It’s kind of awkward at first, but once you get rolling it’s not so bad. It makes a nice texture for both variegated yarns and single colors.  I made this once in a deep clear red…it was divine.  I gave that one to a family we adopted for Christmas one year as a gift to the parents.  I hope they have enjoyed it.  I know it gave me a warm-fuzzy to give it to them.

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