crochet:: the week in afghans…day 1

OK, so you guessed it.  Christmas hype and hoopla got to me.  I have been commercialized, tainted and thoroughly ruined again this year.  I tried to resist; but I am stressed-out, maxxed-out and guilt-ridden.  Am I doing enough, have I baked enough, are there possibly more commitments I can try to squeeze into the already jam-packed holiday schedule???

Since there are NO GOOD answers to these time honored questions, I have retreated to the yarn bin and snuggled into the couch.  I shall now begin to live in denial until next week sometime.  I am making pasties.  Yes, pasties.  I thought that perhaps something absolutely silly would do the trick.  It is.  I know they will never be worn, but the shock value of this gag gift is making it all worthwhile.  I might even share the pattern if they look hookerish enough.  How exactly does one decide if pasties look hookerish enough?  The devil is in the details.  I figure that they must have the perfect tassels of course.

So, until you get to see the hookerish stuff, I thought I would share some afghan-wholesomeness-action this week while I retreat.  To my pastie-making.  Cuz that makes up for it.  Somehow.

Here’s the Connie Rainbow Waves Aghan

rainbow ripple

My dear friend Connie taught me the pattern about 20 years ago and I can recall about 15 different runs at this one.  I lose track around 1996 for awhile there.  I was home with a baby for a couple of years.  You know how that goes…can’t even remembered if I showered during that time…thank gawd my child survived cuz let’s face it, I was a train-wreck of a mom for the first couple of years.  Don’t we all feel that way?  Those take-everything-in-stride when you have 5 kids kind of women only exist on tv and in my nightmares…

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9 thoughts on “crochet:: the week in afghans…day 1”

  1. I think wholesome afghans definitely make up for making pasties, which is probably the best gag gift I’ve heard of so far. 🙂 Have fun making them!


    1. Not ignorance at all, it says more that you have great moral character! Pasties were worn by burlesque strippers to cover their, um…no I guess I have to say the word…nipples. I suppose some strippers may still wear them, I just do not happen to frequent those type of establishments. The tassels were for…you see where it’s headed now…I’ve heard that some ladies could make them swing opposite directions.


      1. Thank goodness and thank you. Love this pattern. A friend pointed out that it resembles the feather and fanknit stitch and I am inclined to agree. The only thing is altho I knit , I crochet much faster. Cant wait to find out if you can share the pattern. I am sooooo excited at just the thought of having hope.


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