photography:: fun with apps

I downloaded a new app for my iPod and now I’m gonna get all instagram style on y’all.  (Kinda like gangnam-style.  No, not really.  And not that I have really tried to use Instagram yet…got all kinds of other schtuff to do lately…)

2012 tree

It’s called Camera Awesome and I’m kinda liking the special effects.  It does a pretty good job of jazzing up snapshot-style photos that you get from an iPod camera.  (I’m not paid to say anything about the app, it’s free btw, just giving my 2 cents worth.)

I am also going to just stop for a moment here and document a HUGE triumph in my personal life.  Just what you wanted, another TMI post…

My son and I are Frankie’s second family.  Let me digress here…cuz I think I need to ‘splain that statement.  It’s not like he has a secret life with a different family somewhere out there…well at least not that I know of.  🙂

Many years before I met him, he had a wife and 2 little boys.  They were all killed by a drunk driver in Cleveland, Ohio in 1988.  He has never ever since the day they died, put up a Christmas tree.  He just couldn’t bring himself to do it.  For the past 19 years I have put up the Christmas tree; first by myself, then with my little boy, and recently the grown up little boy that towers over me in height.  Frank would keep us company and carry boxes but just couldn’t jump that hurdle to actually do the decorating himself.  That little tree in the photo above?  Yup, you guessed it.  Frankie is doing Christmas this year.  He thoroughly enjoyed it, and drum roll please…

The sad old fake tree I have put up for 19 years has left the building!  At Frank’s request, it is being donated/destroyed/whatever-it-takes to remove it from his sight!  Moving.On.Boom.

 This one may be little, it may be on a table in the corner, but THIS TREE is the MOST AWESOME tree in my world right now.

Holiday cheers to all of you.

Thanks for stopping by.

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