crochet:: pineapples and roses

Hmmmmm…it’s Black Friday.  Did I go out and fight the crowds?

Oh no, not this chick.  Been there, done that.

I cyber-shopped my little heart out in my jammies from the safety of my couch and now I believe my credit card is going to melt.  It saw more action in the last 24 hours than it’s seen in the last 10 years.

Melt, baby melt.

This is my first shot at trying an “online only Christmas”.  I’m trying to buy as much as possible from small businesses (Etsy stores and such), but my youngest gift recipients really want stuff like barbies and legos so they are making it pretty rough. (But I would just like to interject here that I am boycotting big-box places like Walmart.  It’s like I’m giving them the cyber-finger and it’s AWESOME!)    

When a Christmas shopping trip is a minimum of 4 hours of my weekend because of my drive time to Omaha,  this is working out to be a pretty cool alternative.  Hell, half the time those multiple 4 hour trips don’t even net the “perfect” gift I was looking for anyway.

I cherish my weekends.  I strive for no-stress-weekends regularly.  They keep me out of the nuthouse.  As it stands now, I am a month out from Christmas and I have more than 3/4 of my shopping done in less than 4 hours spent online.  No stress.  Score.  This will leave me more quality time with my yarn family.

And by quality time, I mean making sh!t while we watch football together cuz it’s like therapy 🙂

Back to why we are chatting here today anyway, this is the most recent creation:

Inspiration came from multiple pictures, but of course NONE of them had patterns available.  Also of course, my friend Cortni HAD to have this in her wardrobe. I agreed that it could NOT go un-made. Since necessity is the mother of invention, I hooked up this convertible pineapple scarf/neck warmer/with rose pin thingy.  She loves it ~ YAY!

Does anyone have a good name for it?  I got nuthin.

I’m not feeling too clever at the moment…(it must be exhaustion from all the shopping *back of hand to forehead*)

And for those of you lucky ones that are done with the Thanksgiving holiday, mine is merely beginning so please wish me luck.  I need to help my mother cook for about 70 people at our family reunion on Sunday.

See you again once I recover from that 🙂

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15 thoughts on “crochet:: pineapples and roses”

    1. Thank you my dear. I think I’ve recovered…haven’t slept much, but recovered nonetheless. It really went well and it was great to be around so many wonderful family members, it had been several years since we were all in one spot 🙂


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