crochet:: i’ve been liebstered (sounds kinda dirty doesn’t it?)

Jill over at Nice Piece of Work seems to think I’m cool.  I like being one of the cool kids.  If you wanna hang with the cool kids, you really need to get to know her.

Here’s what I have to do:

When I receive the award, I post 11 random facts about myself, answer 11 questions and nominate 11 blogs:

1.  My house is overflowing with plants.  I get my green thumb from my mother, the plant scientist. She has to work at it, while I on the other hand can’t seem to kill even those plants I am sick of having around the house.

2. My favorite animals are polar bears, raccoons, tigers, and house cats.

3.  I gave up drinking soda several years ago, and I only allow myself 1 soda per month.

4.  I am a borderline germ-a-phobe.  Public door handles and restrooms creep me out.

5.  Someday I will live in a minimalist micro-house. (I will yarnbomb the entire f-ing thing too.)

6.  When anyone I know goes on vacation near the ocean, I ask them to bring me back a free shell from the beach.

7.  I am writing three books; a crochet pattern book, a cook book, and one about my journey through cancer.  Big surprise, not one of them is complete yet.

8.  I WANT to be a social conscious vegan or at least a vegetarian, but I CANNOT give up turkey, or chicken, or shrimp, or steak.  Oh, and I kinda really like ham too…

9. For a couple of days last week, I test drove the car I really, really, really want to buy.  I loved it.  I decided to be fiscally responsible and did not give myself a new car payment for Christmas.  But man…I loved it.  It was a Husker red convertible VW beetle.  Le Sigh…

10.  If I could meet any famous person, it would have to be Johnny Depp.  Or Brad Pitt. Or maybe Richie Sambora.  They are all beautiful.  I would be happy just see one of them from across the room.  Jon Bon Jovi could be there too.

11.  I want a 3 Musketeer’s bar right about now. And a big glass of milk.  I would sooo suck at being vegan.

I nailed the randomness of those facts right there.  Boom.

On to some questions that you are dying to know the answers to from the new cool kid.

1.  What are you most proud of? my boy Elroy (that’s not really his name, but I call him that when we are being silly and he is my sun and moon and the fruit of my loom), he has also been known as Goofus McDuck and BooBoo, but he would be mortified if I told anyone. Oops I should stop there.

2.  What makes you happy? Lots and lots of things…blogging, hugs from my kid, a purring cat, old friends and new friends, sitting by a fire, crunching through fall leaves, laughter, Saturdays with no obligations, I can go on and on here because I am such a f-ing perky chick…

3.  What is your most prized possession? My iPod.  I love it.  I would marry it if I could.

4.  What are you afraid of? getting cancer again, or evil clowns living under my bed…they are both really creepy because by the time you know that they are near, you are already screwed

5.  Why do you blog? because I can (freedom of speech is awesome)

6.  How would you describe your style? Fashionista dreams with a librarian’s reality.  I am the cardigan queen.

7.  What are you most grateful for? My family, every single last one of the bunch.

8.  What is the best book you have ever read? All books have their merits, but I like bloggers that make their dreams come true: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (that chick is hilarious and above all I love to laugh)

9.  What food do you hate? ketchup, mustard, oysters, pate….ewwwwwww.

10. What is your favorite “guilty pleasure” aka “super dorky” song? stealing my husband’s ho-ho’s or a twinkie for a midnight snack and denying the whole thing the next day

11. What is your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving. Everyone gets together to have my favorite meal and I am the only one that gets presents because they all feel guilty since it’s usually my birthday and I never get to have a cake or a party with my friends.  (That’s my inner child talking…or the vodka…I’m not sure which one.)

Nominate 11 blogs:












So there you go, some new places to visit and cool kids to meet.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels my friends!

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