crochet:: the birth of a prototype

Hey there!

I have a prototype made of a new pattern.

Whatcha think?

(Minus that it’s ripply…and needs the base stitch count adjusted.  Yeesh, it’s just a first shot at something new.  No need to pick it apart.  I can handle the picking apart of it’s flaws on my own thankyouverymuch.)

IN THEORY, whatcha think?

Because let’s face it, a girl can never have too many tissue box covers.  Am I right?

So, it’s Saturday…I’m watching football (omg the season is MORE than half over *insert tears here*), and playing with yarn as I should.  That’s what Saturdays in November are all about.

Since I got that all finished up and I am starting on the refining of the pattern, I wanted to pop in and say “Hey”.

So “Hey”, hope you are having a ridiculously amazing crafting weekend!

*insert gratuitos cat photo…wait for it…wait for it…


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9 thoughts on “crochet:: the birth of a prototype”

  1. Not too shabby for a first attempt. Looking forward to the second refinement. 🙂
    Yesterday there was a charity stall at the market, and there were 2 upside-down tissue box covers made from woven bamboo or something, quite stiff. I pushed them aside to get to whatever was underneath, and the sales woman remarked, “Those are planters. You put plants in and then the water drains out of the rectangle at the bottom.”
    You had to be there – doesn’t sound so funny now.
    Have a great tissue box day. “-)


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tissue box cover. I hope you share the pattern soon. I definitely want to give some of these as Christmas presents. And…your cat is adorable.


  3. Tissue box covers, like toiliet paper roll covers, remind me of my grandmother. She had a cover on everything. I love the stitches you used for it miters on the top that somehow get lost in most decorative stitches. I love the colors and have recently selected those very colors (or incredibly similar if not the same) to order…I have no idea what I will use them for but they both seemed very appealing when I seen them…


    1. That was meant to read, I love the stitches you used for it. The miters on top (which are very visible in your piece) tend to get lost when using the more decorative stitches. I apologize for any confusion there.


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