crochet:: the week in WiPs

I am going through one of those too-many-irons-in-the-fire-manic-designing-phases.

Every room in my house seems to have a half-baked WiP.

I have alluded to new patterns to share for about 4 months now, and I am still not ready to put them out there.  Lots of testing and re-writing and frogging and starting over going on here.

Not to mention that I still have long-term WiPs that are getting set aside when inspiration strikes and I go veering off into a new direction…

I am like a hummingbird on crack.

My guys are about ready to do an intervention.  Or starve.  Thankfully there is frozen pizza.  Crisis averted.

And to top it all off, I ordered this book.

I just about kissed the mailman when it finally arrived.

Awesome stuff right there.  Now I have 3 (or 12) more new WiPs pinging around in my head.

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7 thoughts on “crochet:: the week in WiPs”

  1. You are working with some very inspirational colors! If I had all those colors I might have the same problem. That japanese flower shawl in the thumbnail on the right and that cup koozie(?) (that seems to have disappeared almost before my eyes) are lovely. I am glad I swallowed my coffee before coming upon the image of the cat with the sock monkey hat/head! LOL!


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