crochet:: in search of a hat

Doesn’t this child look like a doll?

(Minus the red-eye.  Just pretend that isn’t ruining the photo.  Pretty please.)

So cute…and the hat is fab too.

In fact, the hat is so fab that I am in search of a pattern to crochet one for a little boy that will be arriving in a few months.

At the craft show a couple of weeks ago, my preggers crafty pal from Ta Da! Workshop fell deeply, madly in love with this hat and suggested that it would make a lovely baby shower gift for *cough* somebody.  I, of course, must oblige.

Anyone have this pattern that they are willing to share?  Or know what brand the yarn might be?

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5 thoughts on “crochet:: in search of a hat”

  1. Oh Lord, is he not the mostedest adorable little munchkin!?! Is he for sale? LOL
    Google free crochet newsboy cap pattern or crochet billed cap patterns and you’re sure to find one to suit you. : )


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