life:: martha’s meeses

Doesn’t that sound like it should be the plural of moose?


No crochet here this weekend.

OMG.  I put the hook down for a few days.  Yeah, I amaze myself.

Martha and I are dangerous when we get together.

We started off our weekend with the innocent shopping of craft shows.  And then it snowballed.

We got inspired.  We got the giggles. We got supplies.

We invaded my kitchen for 2 very full days of cutting and sewing of old sweaters.

Near the end of day 1, Martha was looking at me like, “what are we getting ourselves into?”

When you have no pattern and want to make unique upcycled items, what ARE you getting yourself into?

Mittens.  Our answer was mittens.

~This was our first finished pair. Martha insisted on the moose sweater.  I protested at first, but I have to admit that they are really cute.~

~the choosing of buttons… it’s a process~

And by the end of day 2, we had oodles of sweaters cut up at the ready and 2 more finished pairs of mittens.

Good times.

Thanks for stopping by!

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