crochet:: t-minus 2 and counting…

2 days left till the craft show and so far I’ve avoided any midnight yarn runs.  I count that as a win.  (Well, maybe that just means my stash is humongous.  But we’re not going to go there right now.)

Anyhoo, I’m just popping in to say hey y’all.  I thought I’d share a couple of the things I’ve been working on.

~more blast-from-the-past candle holders are in process, waiting for a layer of mod podge infused with glitter~

~pear/raspberry jam with a cute idea from here (cupcake liners to dress them up)~

~ more bookmarks are coming to life with this pattern link~

~coasters inspired by this pin~

~I was smitten by her color choice and the cute little crochet ribbon to tie them up with and couldn’t resist making a set for myself~  I’ll never be ready for this show by making stuff for myself!

~and somewhere in between, I have managed to make cream puffs inspired by my friend Jen at Two Frogs and a Grasshopper~

(I told you that I’d make them and although it took MONTHS to do so, OMG Jen they were sooo worth it! Thanks for reminding me how heavenly it is to cheat on my diet! PS – If you want my recipe, let me know and I’ll post it.)

Until later friends…I’ve got some serious finish work to complete by Friday night.

Thanks for stopping by!

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3 thoughts on “crochet:: t-minus 2 and counting…”

  1. You HAVE been a busy busy bee. I love everything you make. You have a talent for making it all look stunning (and better than the originals!). – Have a great market day, looking forward to seeing your table 🙂


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