food:: good lord let it be over…the harvest i mean…

I am so over vegetables at this moment, it’s not even funny.

After a looooong dry spell, we were fortunate to get a good soaking rain a few days ago.  So yay…the garden is still producing. (Think yay like the dentist just said you need a root canal.)  And with the seasons quickly changing, it means I have to step it up cleaning up the garden.

The digging of potatoes is complete.  This is the haul from just 2 rows.  Yes, just 2 rows.  We grew 5 rows.  I told Frankie he was an Irish potato farmer in a previous life.  I swear subconsciously the man is worried we will experience a potato famine.  I have enough potatoes for a Thanksgiving feast for 80 bajillion people.  Wanna come over for a potato picnic?  We’ll grill it, fry it, mash it, boil it, season it and we will not know of this thing they call a famine and we shall dance the potato dance till dawn…

Did I mention we have a few tomatoes?  Yeah, I’ve been bitching about it for weeks now.  I need to bitch some more.

 So, while I am furiously trying to get ready for my craft show in a couple of weeks, I am taking near daily detours for canning and cooking.  (If you missed my sauce recipes jump here.)

For all my bitching, the least I can do is tell you thanks for stopping by and listening.  And that I may be a little spotty on the posting and the returning of emails for just a few days.  As much as I like to write, I really need to get some crafting done, like every evening.  But once the show is over, I’ll get right back on track and hopefully have a bunch of new ideas to share.

Have yourself a ridiculously amazing weekend my friends!

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