life:: oh captain, my captain…

You have every right to say it.

Bad blogger.

Bad, bad blogger.

Where the hell have you been yarnchick?

Painting my nails.

No really, painting my nails.  I have painted my nails twice this week and I NEVER paint my nails.  I only paint my nails when I am paralyzed and can’t keep myself occupied with the things I love in life…like yarn.

You have been avoiding the entire crochet community.  What is going on?

Well, ya see…that’s the thing.  I’ve been right here the whole time.  Not being creative.  Not being interesting.  Not being all that I can be.  I’ve had hooker’s-block, and writer’s-block and that stupid-deer-in-the-headlights look has been on my mug waaay too much lately.

Oh I’ve been here alright; like a slug on a window, going nowhere fast and over-exposed.

Truth be told, I am closing a chapter in my life and writing a new one.

So I have poured myself a tall one, and now I am pouring it all out to you.

~captain morgan and 3 kinds of juice at 3 in the afternoon…kind of poetic don’t ya think?~

I am a woman with no country today.  It’s insane really.  I just commuted home from the big city for the last time today.  Did I really just quit my job?

About 3 weeks ago (holy mother of god another 3), I got a call from an old friend that I used to work for and he offered me a job.  I wasn’t planning on leaving my safe little no stress job with the massive commute.  The job that fed my yarn addiction, where I worked with a friend I’ve known since the 3rd grade (omg…3 again), that paid a few bills and allowed me to foster my creative side because every day I could leave my job where it belonged…at work.  No after hours phone calls, no hassles, no cell phone stuck to my ear.  But I went to see him at his office anyway, and 3 days later (I shit-you-not), I told him I would take the job.  I am NOT one to change jobs often, nor do I take it lightly when I do.  Yikes, what did I just do?

So, now I am truly a woman with no country.  I have no job.  I start the new job on Monday.  I have 3 unadulterated days of bliss (aack! 3) until entering the chaos that comes with changing jobs.  Did I mention I am having a panic attack?  Right now. Because as of this moment I HAVE NO JOB.

I know that it is many years later, and it won’t be the same job I used to have; but the unknown is always a little dicey, right?  Just nod and smile.

I have a game plan and I have a direction, and I know how I WANT it to work out.  I have weighed my options carefully this time, with my creative-life in mind.  Because * I WILL fulfill my dreams.  {*fist smacking on table sound}

Don’t worry, I’m not leaving the blogosphere.  That is an integral part of my diabolical plan. 

Now I just need a little liquid courage to celebrate the changes in my life.  Yeah, that’s what I’m doing…

Celebrating.  A new chapter opens up…now.

(OK – I just re-read all of that, and I sound frickin pitiful.  I’m really not a wimpy alcoholic; but for today, I am pretending thankyouverymuch.  Please send aspirin because I don’t do this often and tomorrow will suck.)

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8 thoughts on “life:: oh captain, my captain…”

  1. “Friend since the 3rd gr” here to remind you that you are a strong & powerful woman, I hear you roar on this side of the river, and know in my heart that you will be ridicously amazing in this next chapter. Don’t forget & make me go all “Nellie Oleson” on you.


  2. I was hanging with ya until I got to slugs on a window and then I just lost it! LOL Now I feel bad that it took me this long to come read what you’ve been up to! (Been a little aimless myself lately, too). But hey, congrats on the new chapter. You should be well over the hangover by now, right? 😀


      1. The overexposed was a nice touch. lol Ok, now I hafta know where else you were going. 😀 Parisian daydreams and sleeping with rock stars? Ooh! There you go — that’s your next project right there. A Meatloaf afghan! Well, I dunno, maybe you should choose someone less… loafy. Y’know, after the craft fair. 😉


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