crochet:: who am i trying to convince, me or you?

I’ve gone and done it again.  After I said I wouldn’t.

Sometimes it seems I’m a glutton for punishment, but yes, I have committed to making way too much stuff in way too short of a time.  Because even after all of my whining last year, I really did have fun.

I’ve decided that I’m am going to rock the craft show again this fall.

Mug cozies were planned for last year.  I had all of the supplies and the pattern, but didn’t ever pull the trigger to make them.

This year: check!

More fruity potholders: check!

I have 1 month, I think this time I can skip the midnight yarn runs and late night glitter sessions 🙂  And yes, I realize they WILL still happen…I’m just trying to convince myself that I can do this again!

If you are in the Omaha area, come visit me at Millard West on Oct 6th.

Thanks for stopping by.

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8 thoughts on “crochet:: who am i trying to convince, me or you?”

  1. Go for it! those are the most beautiful cozies i’ve ever seen 🙂
    We are going to be at a new market for the first time on Saturday – my list of things to do grows longer and longer as the time gets shorter….


  2. Nothing like a deadline to get motivated. Good luck stocking up! I love your mug cozie. I’m grumpy in the morning but that doesn’t mean my coffee mug has to be.


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