crochet:: utensil case

I’m one of those accounting-tree hugging-geeks that eats lunch at my desk.  The lunch I have (mostly) grown and cooked myself.

I am also loving the bento craze.

I am slowing amassing my own bento supplies and making lists and browsing lots of bento idea sites.

My bento box is a cheap-o plastic folding box from the dollar store, but someday, yes someday, I will own a gorgeous and authentic bento box for which I have probably paid way too much.

To be a proper tree-hugging geek and not use disposable items, I keep a set of utensils at my desk.

This is the case I made to keep them clean while rolling around in my desk drawers.

If you are so inclined, it’s just a few rows of hdc  (5 or 6 should do the trick) folded over by about 2/3 with a seam of sc, a chain loop, and a button.

And not that I use them, but I even keep a pair of chopsticks (cheater-style, tied with a rubberband) just in case I really need to feel authentic before I pick out the perfect bento box. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “crochet:: utensil case”

  1. I’m impressed. I went through a phase of taking salads to work but I could never be bothered to find a fork, so I just broke a long ruler in half and used that. Slightly tricky but better than using my fingers. 🙂


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