crochet:: yarny little friends

I fell in love with these little Rainbow Kids.

Aren’t they just a-frickin-dorable??

So first off, I want to thank Maryanne (one of the woolhog chicks) for the inspiration.

They’re so cute that I just can’t stop making them and sharing them with my friends’ kids!

And if you know me at all ~ you are 100% correct ~ I cannot resist naming each and every one of them.

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madly, passionately in love with yarn

4 thoughts on “crochet:: yarny little friends”

    1. Beyonce. And I think I’m keeping her. She’s just too fun not to find her a spot on my jewelry stand. Unless you need me to send her your way…cuz I would do that for you 🙂 PS – I should have given you credit for directing me to the woolhogs, I would have never found them without you!


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