life:: in pursuit of the 70’s

I have a Pinterest love affair going on right now with all things Mod Podge, felt and embroidery.

This week was THE week to act on those urges.  I think I made something similar in 6th grade art class.  And this probably looks very much like the work of a 6th grader as well, but I have decided it’s quirkyness is cool and nobody can talk me out of liking it.

I got the idea from a casino gift shop.  Yes, frickin seriously.  I live near 3 casinos, and in 9 years had never stepped foot into one until my birthday back in November.  My friend Martha, of course could not let me go without experiencing casino life.  Big mistake.  Those frickin places are vile in my book.  We hopped through all 3 in a matter of about an hour.  They are just not my cup of tea.  Maybe the glitzy ones in Vegas or Monte Carlo are exciting and glamorous, but these were decidedly NOT.  The best part of the whole experience for me was the gift shop.  I pretty much had a snarky commentary running on every item in the shop.  Except for the art.  They actually had some cool local art.  Among the garish magenta-splashed, feathered zebra-print tank tops and handbags, I found good ART.  I was amazed.  What captured my attention was an oil painting and a candle holder in the color and style that would look fab in my bathroom.  (Yes, I am a stereo-typical American with a beach theme and shells all over my powder room.) And I promptly hemmed and hawwed to the point I talked myself out of buying them because they were expensive.  Then I promptly regretted it.

We re-decorated that room recently, and yes, those items would have been perfect.  I went back to the gift shop.  Of course they were gone.  You had any doubt?  I know I cannot re-create the painting.  But the candle holder is a different story.  I am crafty, hear me rawr!

I made Mod Podge from a 50/50 mix of school glue and water in a pickle jar, and shook that baby up.  I bought tissue paper in the proper colors.  I rocked the decoupage.  I merely slapped on a layer of goop, then torn tissue paper, then more goop.  I made a deplorable mess.  And I liked it too.

After a few hours of drying…success.

Hippy-chic anyone?

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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