crochet:: berry surprise


The vintage potholder I was coveting waaaay back here has been decoded!

Then, you may recall that a lovely neighbor gave me these apple potholders, and I thought WooHoo, I have a sample to practice with.

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41 thoughts on “crochet:: berry surprise”

  1. I loved it, the pattern is beautiful and easy thank u for it. I wanted to ask if i can do several ones and sell them. I thought of asking you first before doing so as u r the creator of the pattern. Thank u 🙂


    1. Of course you can 🙂 Thanks for asking, but anything you create with your own hands ~ you can sell. If anyone asks, please let them know where you got the free pattern. I always love to meet new friends here at YarnChick40. Best to you and happy hooking!
      xox, LV


  2. HI~the potholders are beautiful, and I was wondering if they are also functional when hooked with cotton yarn. They seem to have a lacy look. Thanks for some lovely work.


    1. Surprisingly, they work pretty well in cotton because they are double thick. I will admit that I use mine more for on the table trivets or lid lifters because I use silicone mitts for stuff straight out of the oven… I am sort of a klutz.


  3. can you help me with the 2-3 row, the second row has ch 1, but the 3rd row says nothing about skipping though ch1 just the ch2. And r 2 shells crocheted in the beginning of round 3 or just 1?


    1. Hi Kayla,
      First off, the easiest way to explain the skipping is to have you recount your stitching – remember that the ch 1’s are to transition to the center area and the shells are what makes the edges ridge the way they look in the picture above. They don’t have ch 1 between them. As you do the rounds you will find that the shells are always stacking directly on top of each other.
      Secondly, the 3rd row and all subsequent rows basically lay out that you are doing 1 (beginning) shell… a second shell….the center portion….2 shells…a center portion …then joining.
      I hope this helps!


    1. Well, now you make me wish I could do videos! I’m audio/visual challenged. Not enough hands I guess😉. There are tutorials out there for learning to read patterns, I bet if you give them a whirl you’ll be working from written patterns in no time at all. Thanks for visiting, xox


  4. I’ve so glad to get this pattern! I love the pineapple crochet! It is truly my favorite thing to do! You have made me happy! I don’t have any cotton yarn and I live in a rural area. It is fifteen miles to the nearest Wal-Mart and I live in a nursing home and so I have to wait until someone goes before I can get it. I’ll send you a picture of it when I get it done! Thanks for the free pattern! I really appreciate it!

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Angela 🙂 I’m glad you stopped by and found a pattern you liked. I would love love love to see your work when you get done! Have a Happy Christmas ~ xox


  5. Reason I ask is looking at the picture and reading round 2 I only see 8 double crochets in the picture but in the instructions have me doing it twice and join.

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  6. I have a question,,,, I want to make the pineapple a lot bigger, how would I do that.,, could I just add more double crochet, like instead of 15, add 15 more,for a total of 30??., I want to make 2 pineapples and join them opposite sides,and add a flower in the middle, like for a table topperl., What do you think?,,,
    Thank you in advance,,

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    1. I think that sounds lovely! I’m sure you could find a pineapple motif in a much larger size that would accomplish your goal without having to make it up as you went along. I’d love to see your finished work😊


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