food:: nostalgia week

So let me set this up for ya.

My 25 year high school reunion is this month.

O.M.G.  That makes me older than dirt. Officially.

Anyhoo, I am really into music, and always have been.  I’m nearly joined at the hip to my iPod.  I have always been a concert junkie.  I have the ticket stubs to prove it :).  I don’t watch TV…I listen to music while I do stuff.  I seriously have some type of music device in every room of my house.  (Did you know that putting your iPod into a bowl ~ or shell in my case ~ will amplify the sound?) 

So back to this reunion and what it has to do with music.   Yes, it’s where I was a Catholic school girl, if you missed the details, here’s the post.  I was also…wait for it…a cheerleader.  Never the HEAD cheerleader mind you, just a cheerleader.  I really never wanted to be the HEAD cheerleader, I wanted to dance.  I took ballet classes for years as a child and by the time I was in high school, I knew I would never make it as a ballerina in real life. (If you visit often, you know it’s the whole introvert-panic-attack-thing.)   To get my dance-fix I was a cheerleader.  That was back in the olden-days when cheerleaders were not star gymnasts and did duties of cheers during the game action and the dancing at halftime.  I was totally into the halftime dance $h!t.  That ROCKED in my world.  I wanted to choreograph and choose the music and splice songs together with my cassette tapes and bring down the house with my cool 80’s moves.

To get myself into the mood for this reunion, I’ve been listening to my most awesome playlist of ALL 80’s ALL THE TIME.

…good times… 

That means this week is NOSTALGIA WEEK for me.

I will be pairing 80’s AWESOME music with recipes.  It’s a stretch, but hey, my brain does the stretching.  Get.yo.ass.on.board.

Crank up your iPod at work to my rhythms and lighten up!  Why not make the workweek a little different.  I’m even going to give you menu ideas for the week.

So, if you are a geriatric product of the 80’s like me, I hope you enjoy the ride.

Tomorrow, we start with Meatloaf Monday.

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