crochet:: may i have your attention please

I have an announcement.

It’s official.

I have balls.

(This is where you can find out how it all came about from my silly commentary)

And not just A DISCO BALL.  I have 6, count ‘em SIX.  Not only will one grace my rearview mirror, but one for my kitchen window and one for my she-cave-o-crafts and that still leaves more…I’m thinking perhaps a new fangled use for disco balls in the accounting office?  Adding machines need bling too. 😉

Today I received the most awesome Christmas in July package evah!

And it’s all the way from South Africa to Iowa.  Gawd how I love the interwebs.  I have virtually met some really wonderful people.

The crochet brooch…DIVINE.

Thank you thank you thank you, a million thank yous Jill!

Now it’s your turn to watch your mailbox.

I will be sending package of yarny goodies back your way ASAP.

If you want to meet my friend Jill (cuz who doesn’t want to meet a chick with balls?), stop by to visit her here.

She’s a nice piece of work!

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2 thoughts on “crochet:: may i have your attention please”

  1. hahahaha thanks for getting my day started with a laugh, you are SO funny and you’ve broken my bad-mood slump. So glad you like the balls! I think 6 is enough, don’t you? I mean, half the world’s population thinks they’re the bees knees and they only have 2.
    PS. You weren’t supposed to send anything back!!!


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