life:: i’d like to thank the academy….

Wow.  I’m touched.

Thank you ever-so-much Jill 🙂

Please visit my new friend Jill, she is obviously a keenly intelligent and superiorly witty, wonderfully strong bloggin woman.  {She must be a tad twisted as well but in a good way because she nominated me, a total goof-ball, for the this lovely award}  I think it is soooo cool that I have a connection to a lovely blogger in South Africa – considering I am sitting here in Iowa, USA.  You ROCK girl!

Some bloggers are so jaded about these type of things, but personally I think they are fantastic.  Not just because I have been given a couple, but because blogs are a great form of self-expression and social connection.  {‘specially for those of us panic-attack-stricken, sometimes socially awkward introverts ~ I say that with LOVE not scorn because I AM one}  Not to mention they are a wonderful resource for new ways of thinking and doing things and learning from others and they take A LOT OF FREAKIN WORK and it’s fabulous that the blogging community is so kind to acknowledge each other.  No one else will. {CNN ain’t breakin down my door to give me world-wide recognition for my crochet patterns or my eye for photography or my mad meal preparation skills}

I digress…

 Thanks for your patience.

I have now refilled my daiquiri and removed my soapbox from the room so that I can coherently and succinctly comply with the Versatile Blogger Award rules.

Without further ado, here are 7 random facts about me::

1.) I.MUST.LAUGH.  Often and much.  I love to laugh and I have the family to prove it.  My Mom who I believe could be a writer for Saturday Night Live, sends me HILARIOUS emails; and my husband calls me at least 3 times a day while at work just to keep me in stitches.

2.) I survived cancer and it sucked, but I am at 5 years cancer-free and am learning to LET IT GO and no longer allowing it to define me.

3.) I still feel like an eighteen-year-old in the beat up body of a 43-year-old and I think that alone shall keep me young at heart forever.  Being a grown-up doesn’t mean you have to grow OLD.

4.)  I was a Catholic school girl and wore a uniform all throughout school, and to this day I CANNOT STAND to wear the color navy blue.  (I had a shirt and shorts in navy that I tried to wear just this past Friday to work and when I came home, I changed my outfit and immediately threw them into a bag for charity.  True story.)

5.)  Best feeling in the world:: sliding into clean sheets with new jammies and wet hair that smells like my favorite shampoo.  On that same note – sleeping with my socks on!

6.)  I rarely watch TV and when I do, it’s usually The Big Bang Theory.  I really identify with Sheldon sometimes.  Is that a bad thing????

7.) And for comic relief ~ my son told me this week that his friend asked once if I used to be a stripper.  I was flabbergasted.  Should I be flattered?  Should I be insulted?  Either the boy thinks a.) I could have been very hot in my youth, or 2.) a substantial slut.  I am delusional enough to believe an overly-hormonal teen thinks I would have been the former and not the latter.  I laughed my ass off when my child relayed this, which was at dinner nonetheless.  We have the most bizarre dinner conversations at my house, but when you refer back to factoid #1 you realize it all works out OK.  (PS ~ For the record ~ No, I have never had a job in the female-arts, I WAS NOT that kind of Catholic school girl.)

Thanks for pretending that was coherent.

As for the next portion of the rules…until tomorrow friends.  (Or at least as soon as I can get that post written.)

I will share my 15 favorite blogfriends for you to visit and bask in their awesomeness.


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