crochet:: little WiPs = done

Just a couple of small projects this week…

~not really a practical wearable considering how often I wash my hands~

~I finished some forgotten dishcloths found at the bottom of one of my baskets~

And other than that…I got nuthin.

My creativity has been on vacation since last week (or longer).  My son is trying to hijack a bolster pillow form that I had big plans for.  I was finally going to make use of this aqua blue yarn, and he wants the pillow for himself in red & black after seeing my dishcloths.  Of course I will give in, I’m the mom.  That’s what we do.

We always take the burnt toast 🙂

I’m thinking of this pillow instead with the aqua yarn because someday my living room will look like this.  Yeah right.  But a girl can dream…

The weekend is almost here, wishing your’s to be ridiculously amazing.

Thanks for stopping by.

PS – IYBD is coming soon.  Are you ready?  (pssst ~ it’s June 9th so you still have time to join the fun!)

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2 thoughts on “crochet:: little WiPs = done”

  1. “We always take the burnt toast ”
    Unless we’re in a particularly grumpy mood, then we flip it over and butter the other side and give it to ’em anyways. 😉

    That ring is cool. Also, I love that room!


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