crochet:: my wash machine is making me crazy

We all know that the washer eats socks.  That is a universal truth.

I DID NOT see this coming.

This was not on my to do list.

My wash machine tried to trash my dreamy layers afghan.  NOT NICE.

I had to patch it to last until I can frog 5 or 6 rows and re-work it.  NOT COOL.

In other news…

a great first haul of strawberries today…and I am definitely putting them over vanilla ice cream at about midnight.

Thank goodness I had something to show for today because there were multiple forces of evil against me today.

I promise not to go into detail, but it definitely warranted champagne to go with the strawberries to stop the onslaught of crap being slung my way after the washer incident.

So, the rest of my day really wasn’t any fun.

I put in 65+ bedding plants, filled 13 planters, broke a pyrex measuring cup that left 2 fingers bleeding for more than 30 minutes, and well let’s just  say that I am the clumsiest girl on the planet.  I spent more time cleaning up my own stupid messes than anyone should ever have to.  I just don’t want to have to explain every spill and trip and broken clay pot.  I shall show up to work tomorrow morning and pretend the whole weekend never happened.

Now that all of the psychotic mess is over, I am going to sit quietly and mind my own business and imbibe in some hooker therapy.  I figure if I sit still and play with yarn I can’t hurt myself or others.

That would be prudent at this point.

Thanks for stopping by!

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6 thoughts on “crochet:: my wash machine is making me crazy”

  1. Thanks ladies, you are very kind. And although my Sunday night and my Monday morning have already had their share of mishaps since writing this post, I am ‘letting my attitude determine my altitude’. (my father’s handy reminder ~ that guy does an awesome job keeping me grounded)
    Today WILL BE a good day! Thanks for the words of encouragement 🙂


  2. Woof! If anyone deserved strawberries & ice cream with champagne, you’d be the one after all that!
    On the afghan, did it take a munch out of the middle or is that on the end? I’ve never seen anything like that happen before!


  3. Oh Jen, it has been a week full of Mondays 😦 Right now I am waiting to see the dentist because I broke a tooth right in half, I can’t even eat the ice cream with the exposed root! Once again, I say TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER! Anyway, we figure that the edge of the afghan got lodged in gap between the rubber seal that is up against the door and the spinning tub (I have a front load washer). Thankfully, that was the only damage, but I suppose it’s time to get the wash machine serviced…


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